Shriners On Parade Mistaken for Doctor Who Fan Club

Astoria, OR–A recent Main St. parade, frequented by the town’s most active social clubs and small businesses, brought out the multitude of crowds from all over the county. The local Shrine Divan marched proudly, displaying the colors, banners and of course, wearing their trademark regalia–The Fez. Smiles abound as the jolly men cruised around in their mini-corvettes. There was some disappointment however as there were only a few of the famed small cars due to the strict emission standards of the local community.

The real party started when hundreds of bystanders spotted the ocean of fezzes and assumed it was a Doctor Who Fan Club. The crowds took to the parade and the Shriners, and when asked about membership in the Doctor Who Fan Club, members of the Shrine cheerfully handed out petitions. When asked for comment, the Potentate said “…by the time they figure out what they joined, it’s be too late, this will be good for membership.”

One Doctor Who fan, Daniel Miles, showed real excitement for the parade saying,  “This is just so great! It’s great to see all these “Whovians” out in force, I don’t know what’s up with those small cars though, personally I would have had a few homemade Daleks.”

This is one reporter who will keep wearing his bow ties….”Don’t Blink”

Worshipful, Dr. Chaz Nagler, Esq. 49˚

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