AMD in talks to develop “Royal Arch Go” to increase interest and membership

Portlandia, OR — The Council of Allied Masonic Degrees has responded to concerns about low membership numbers with a unique way to increase interest in the various degrees.


“One of the problems is that there are dozens of little known side degrees, and the local councils simply can’t keep up, because they are so spread apart,” said Niles Rumford, Grand Overseer of the Secret Monitor. “So one of our younger members contacted a popular gaming software developer, and we are now developing a way for regular Freemasons to take the degrees in their own area.”


Based on the Pokemon Go model, Freemasons who have taken their Royal Arch degrees can download the app on their phones, then register to receive the degrees using Apple Pay or Google Wallet. Once they are in the system, they will be given instructions on how to find a team, that is, a local council, or if they desire, to start their own.


“We haven’t worked out all the details yet, but by sending them on a quest, they will be able to pick up various items in their area, ending with the actual degree. Once they unlock the last item, they will receive the code to a secret YouTube channel which will show them the actual degree ceremony, and allow them — if they are so inclined — to pursue the next set of degrees.”

Preliminary testing in several market areas in the US have been successful, and the Grand Council is palling a quiet roll-out to the rest of the US and Canada over the next several months.

“By Christmas, we’re hoping that we will have players…, I mean, members from all over the US. We think that this will bring the Allied Masonic Degrees to be seen not as an interesting groups of side degrees into an essential set of degrees in their own right.”

— Conte Calvino Gliostro


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