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“Pitiful. You should be charged with non-Masonic conduct.” -Bro. Francis Dryden

“Glad to see these guys are taking their obligation so seriously.” -Bro. Anonymous

“Childish garbage. Why don’t you turn in your membership card and move on?” -Bro. Mat Lod

“I missed the ‘satire.’ I caught the ignorant sarcasm.” -Bro. (?) Leslie Johnson

“The articles are usually offensive at best…I wish [The Past Bastard] would just go away.” -Bro. Ryan Mercer

“[The Past Bastard] overall is complete garbage. It’s no more respectful or appropriate to the Craft than would be adding ‘dick and fart jokes’ to the degrees.” -Bro. Ryan Mercer

“I can’t believe this site is run by Masons.” -Bro. Anonymous 

“…I didn’t really have high expectations for [The Past Bastard] anyway.” -Bro. Jason Eddy

“I don’t give an ounce of credibility to [The Past Bastard]. It makes our Craft look cheap and rude to anyone who reads the drivel they post. Just another example of why the West Gate needs to be heavily guarded.” -Bro. Christopher Matero

“If [The Past Bastard] is the ‘best choice’ for Masonic satire, then the lesser choices must be painfully unfunny.” -Bro. u/edit-boy-zero 

“I fail to see the humor, sarcastic or otherwise, in [The Past Bastard].” -Bro. u/speculativemason

“Most of [The Past Bastard’s] articles have been ‘meh.'” -Bro. u/taozen 

“Sorry that we all have to be subjected to this kind of garbage. Some people have way to [sic] much time on their hands.” -Bro. Anonymous Admin of the Scottish Rite Freemasonry NMJ Official Facebook Page

“I’m not usually in the habit of directing readers to The Past Bastard Masonic satire site…” -Bro. Chris Hodapp

“I’m 100% on board with [The Past Bastard].” -Mr. Wil Wheaton, in reference to this article.

The managing editor and writers of The Past Bastard graciously thank all of our readers for their continued support!
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